Archer: Vice aka Season 5 Now on Blu-Ray and DVD


download (1)Archer: The Complete Season Five is finally on Blu-ray and DVD. After the unfortunate demise of ISIS’ (as in not the terrorist kind) headquarters, Archer’s group of badly behaved super spies find themselves turning to drug dealing and living in Cheryl’s mansion to make ends meet. Over one crazy season, Lana is pregnant, Pam loses weight through cocaine and Cheryl becomes Outlaw Country Superstar, Cherlene.  Kenny Loggins and a South American dictator don’t make the season any easier to wrap your mind around.  The action-packed season was hilarious.

The box set release also includes a few special features from FX and Archer. In the “Midnight Blues” music video, Cherlene’s hit comes to life as a vignette of Lana leaving a trailerpark to become the Cinderella-like belle of the bar. Kriger is on drums, Pam on bass, and Cherlene takes vocals. Make sure to watch out for small appearances by Katja, Barry and Brett.  The music video isn’t the only taste we get of Cherlene. In her “Wake up Country Interview” we discover that Cheryl has no memory of her career as a singer after Krieger has removed the brain control implant. Most noteable is the beautiful line, “COCAINE IS PEOPLE”

Pam also makes herself present in a special feature called “Old Pam Poovy” based on the nursery rhyme “Old Macdonald”.  Pam finds fault with baby AJ’s children’s book and begins to tell a story about her days on the farm instead. She is interrupted by Cyril who adds a few musical arguments of his own about the FDA and growth hormones in factory farms. I don’t know what I just watched, but I think I need therapy and some scotch.

Archer: The Complete Season Five Blu-Ray and DVD are available now.


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