Garfield: His 9 Lives Part #1 of 4


kaboom_garfield_033_a_2In Garfield’s latest story, he tells the readers about the adventures he has during each of his nine lives. The first issue in the series includes the stories of his first and second lives as cave cat and the Egyptian cat Gar-Ho-Tep.

The stories first stories are short and sweet and give a good glimpse into how much Garfield’s antics haven’t changed over the course of his lives. He is still lasagna obsessed, always hungry and annoyed by that little grey cat named Nermal.

While each of the stories have a unique style based on the time period that they take place in, they are still true to the style that originated in Jim Davis’s newspaper comic strip.

Check this one out to find out how Garfield lived before he became everyone’s favorite fat cat.

Garfield: His 9 Lives Part #1 of 4 is now available from KaBOOM!


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