The New Adventures with the Tenth Doctor: #6: THE WEEPING ANGELS OF MONS



The Tenth Doctor and his current companion Gabby, embark on a new adventure that lands them in the middle of World War I. The Doctor is knocked unconscious by some shrapnel and Gabby looks for help and gets them captured by the Germans. They are suspected to be spies and while in the medic tent they encounter another patient. He wakes up screaming and rips the bandages from his eyes only to reveal  that they have been sewn open. When the Doctor inspects the patient, he notices the imprint of a weeping angel.

This is a brand new storyline for this Doctor and his companion Gabby. It’s good to see that she has returned since she brings a different quality to the companion/Doctor dynamic. She comes from the intercity and is used to working hard. Her creativity tends to get them in trouble but also lands them in the middle of their latest adventure.

This issue has a lot of set up for the story line to introduce the World War I era characters. The Weeping Angels are just as terrifying in the comic as they are in the show. For those not familiar with these monsters, they are the creation of current show runner Steven Moffat. A touch from one of these stone ages will send a person back in time to live out the rest of their life. The unique aspect of these seemly statue angels is that they break the forth wall. Just like when a character is looking at the weeping angel, when the viewer or in this case reader is looking at the angel it looks like an ordinary statue. I was impressed that the comic has kept this aspect, and slightly terrified at the same time.

Check this out for a thrilling new adventure with the Tenth Doctor, now available from Titan Comics.


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