‘Wrapped in Plastic’- Andy Burns Takes a Closer Look at Frost and Lynch’s Classic ‘Twin Peaks’


cover57303-mediumIn the 1990’s television’s Mark Frost and David Lynch took their work on Hillstreet Blues and created a show that was completely different than anyone had ever witnessed before. For two seasons, viewers tuned in to find out just one thing: Who killed Laura Palmer? Twin Peaks takes place in the idyllic Washington State town of the same name. When beautiful blonde teenager Laura Palmer is found dead, wrapped in plastic, everyone becomes a suspect. What follows is two seasons worth of insane characters, swinging stoplights and dark storylines that had never before been seen on television.

In Wrapped in Plastic, Andy Burns takes a look at the show beyond just face value. He breaks down how shocking the details of Laura’s murder were (we won’t ruin it, just in case you haven’t watched it 25 years later. It’s on Netflix now; we’ll wait). The way the show is structured broke conventions, such as not revealing the killer at the end of season one, but rather mid season two. Burns breaks down the importance of characters back stories, how the actors brought them to the screen and David Lynch’s directing style.

Wrapped in Plastic is a must read for fans of Twin Peaks.

Wrapped in Plastic  is available February 10, 2014 from ECW press.


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