Dragons, Riders of Berk: Volume #3- The Ice Castle


DragonsThreeCoverIt’s Winter in Berk, (it’s almost always Winter in Berk) when a trader comes out of the north peddling furs. After Astrid’s dragon, Stormfly, disappears as suddenly as the trader, it becomes clear that the his intention had never been to trade at all. Hiccup and the Dragon Riders of Berk spring into action to bring Stormfly home, but will they be able to safely able to return her and the other ‘auction items’ home safely in time? Can they breach the treacherous ice castle?

The How to Train Your Dragon series is just plain fun. They are simple, fun romps through a fantasy world where a kid can be best friends with a dragon (and also a kick-butt warrior and leader). The stories aren’t overly complicated, there are no huge multi-issue plot arcs, but that can be a wonderful thing. There is something to be said for a concise, complete story. The plots tend tend to target a younger crowd, so don’t expect ground breaking plot development, but do expect to find clever snippets of dialogue and some very amusing scenes. The art sticks to the style of the movies, which makes it easily recognizable, and the colors are always vivid and bright. As mentioned in my previous review, I find that the comic is able to employ a variety of different angles within its panels you might not see in other comics. This is primarily due to the 3-D nature of the dragon-y subject matter.




I really loved this comic, and not just because it made me nostalgic for my native Wisconsin winters. I also happen to think there’s a real market for dragons as snow blowers. Trust me, if you have ever shoveled a snowy driveway you would love to have a dragon to help you out. Seriously, though, take some time to check out the comic. If you go into Dragons expecting a fun kid’s story, you won’t be disappointed. The writers do obviously strive to put in a few moral lessons here or their, but they don’t hit you over the head with it. Overall it is clean, simple and fun. The art of the dragons alone is stunning, and you will find yourself wishing for one (or three) of your very own.

Dragons, Riders of Berk: Volume 3 The Ice Castle is now available from Titan Comics.


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