“It Was Always About the One”- Thomas Alsop #8 of 8



With the buildup of 7 previous issues, it’s easy to think that the big part of the story for the final issue of Thomas Alsop would be about his massive exorcism of the memorial grounds of The World Trade Center. To free the souls of 3,000 trapped human beings, Thomas has been jailed, beaten and run afoul of every major figure in Manhattan. But, there is something so much deeper to this story and the misdirection is finally revealed.

Thomas Alsop started the comic with the swagger of a magical man addicted to his power and his substance abuse. His humor and sarcasm danced the same way his magic did on his popular ghost show. It ends with a realization that so much of this time, we the reader (like so many of Thomas’ marks) have been tricked to looking in the wrong direction when the real story was just beneath the surface.

As I write this, I’m actually tearing up. It is difficult for the Fangirl in me not to get attached to this story and take it personally, especially as an American citizen who remembers the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The characters force you to relive a difficult part in United States’ history, but give you a little comic relief along the way. Emma is a badass Brit who can handle herself. Thomas is flashy and just devil-may-care enough that we fall in love with the badboy.  The artwork felt original and shifted with our emotions. It kept us rooted to the page without that standard boring art that comic books tend to have in the age of computers. Issue #8 feels like a memorial service in parts; you don’t want to say goodbye and you certainly don’t want the ride to end.

I have my fingers crossed that Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt are playing us, and that somewhere they have a whole series prepared with BOOM! so I can continue to get my fix. While that doesn’t seem the case, I will make a personal plea to my new favorite duo that they partner up again….oh and you two better let me know when you do!

Thomas Alsop #8 is available from BOOM! Studios January 14, 2015.


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