“Swearsy Realsy”: Archers’ ‘Three to Tango’


Archer_S6_Ep602_DD_Txtd_Stereo_30_FXWEB_4500_1280x720_381171267857In this week’s episode of FX’s Archer, “Three to Tango,” Christian Slater (now going only by Slater) has a mission for the new CIA freelancers formerly known as ISIS. A freelance agent is in need of an emergency extraction. This agent just happens to be Conway Stern, the terrifying double agent and diversity hire from first season. Lana is a bit worried that Stern might still be angry over the fact she cut off his hand last time the crossed paths. Archer and Lana head to retrieve Stern, and maybe get a little revenge in the process. Back at home Mallory Archer is doing her best to babysit AJ, but loses the kid. She has to retrace her steps with the office to figure out what the heck she did with that kid.

This episode dealt a great deal with Archer’s insecurities over what would happen to AJ should both he and Lana be killed in the line of duty. It also had some fantastic moments with Kriger and an electronic bear doll. We learned that “swearsy realsy” is the ultimate sacred promise between Pam and Cheryl and that if you threaten the life of Mallory Archer’s grandchild she will “shoot you in the genitals” and then sip a “Montecito sherry while you bleed to death. Speaking of kickass women, you know how last week we mourned the loss of the amazing Lana Kane we used to know? She’s back. She’s back and she’s feistier than ever.



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