New Comic ‘Terminally Illin’ ‘ Uses Humor to Combat Cancer


From Last Gasp Press:


Featuring artwork by Jon Solo & Jade Takushi, Terminally Illin’ is Kaylin Andres’ cancer story: part autobiography, part magical realism, peppered with pop culture send-ups and unafraid of a healthy abundance of puns.

Terminally Illin’ is the subversively funny “Alice In Wonderland meets Sci-Fi Action/Adventure” side of cancer. Written while 23-year-old fashion designer Kaylin Andres was undergoing chemo, she teamed up with her artist friend Jon Solo to create these campy, highly-imaginative, fantasy stories. Within the pages of this graphic novel, be prepared to encounter brass knuckle-toting microbes, dancing pill bottle chorus lines, heroic cat sidekicks, and other fantastical characters.

Creating these stories helped Andres deal with the pain of undergoing treatment. She hopes that the imagination and humor found in Terminally Illin’ can provide laughter and inspiration for others as well.


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