Edward Scissorhands #1


EdwardScissorhands01-cvrRI-ae835Love doesn’t die, though separation may be eternal. Gothic love took on a colorful twist with Tim Burton’s much beloved film Edward Scissorhands. A dark mansion at the end of cookie cutter neighborhood was home to a creature, and unfinished invention with scissors for hands. His first entrance into the world outside his home brought him in contact with infame, bigotry, hatred, and love. By it’s end Edward remained in his home while his beloved Kim Boggs grew old and died. Kate Leth and Drew Rausch have created a comic book sequel to this sweetly melancholic tale, continuing on with Kim Boggs’ granddaughter.

Edward has stayed holed up in his home. His only outside connection is the newspaper, where he scours for any information about Kim. One day, her obituary arrives and he seeks solace in his inventor’s books, discovering a fellow creation and bringing him to life. Megs is the only one who believed in her grandmother’s bedtime stories: that Edward was innocent of murder. I was happy to see this story maintain the feel and Burtonesque style. Edward is still sweet as ever, and the introduction of Eli adds a potentially dark plot line. The affect of the films events have left a lasting mark on the neighborhood residents, still stewing in their lies and prejudice. Megs makes a good balance of hope and cynical realism that brings us back into this world.



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