Review: Birthright #4


The story continues…


In  the span of a year, a lost little boy named Mikey returns home as a massive hulked out warrior. Mikey had been taken to a farway fantasy land full of dangerous, vicious creatures, sorcery, flying people, and evil. Now he has returned to our world to find five mages that threaten the world.

That’s what Mikey told he told his family.

(SPOILER ALERT: This is a review of an ongoing series. Birthright #3 can be found here. Now, no more digression)

In a crazy twist, Mikey did not come alone. It seems that he had failed at defeating his foe and now his role is just a puppet. Going by the whispered commands of this entity, Mikey is able to convince his father and older brother to help him save the world. Leading them straight to a cabin where an old man and his cat calmly resides.

Being the crazy cat lover that I am, the old man having a cat convinced me he was harmless from the previous issue. As I am starting to learn with this series, I shouldn’t have been so easily fooled. The old man was a guise for a much powerful being. A being who sensed that all was not right with Mikey.

As trio make their way to this cabin, the poor mother is stuck dealing with the mess they left behind. I feel so bad for the poor woman. Other than the suspension that he had killed Mikey, I don’t blame her for divorcing the father. This issue gives us a more broad view of what happens from both sides. On side, the reader and the trio are experiencing a fantastical and dangerous adventure. On the flip side, this woman has to deal with her ex-husband running off with her remaining son along with a grown man who claims to be her missing son. Can you imagine that showing up on the news?

I still refuse that Mikey succumbed to this evil. I want to believe that this is all trickery from the evil entity. Maybe this isn’t the real Mikey?Suspicions are forming. He’s been gone for a year but lived out decades in the other. When he disappeared he was old enough to remember cars, automatic sliding glass doors, and general real stuff. There was that strange panel where he was fixated on another family leaving the gas station.Hmm…

This is one of those issues where it’s leading up to something big. All of the events in this issues are culminating to a point where either someone dies, something explodes, or some part of the story is going to blow my mind. Either way, it ends with a cliffhanger, so DANG IT, I have to wait another month.

This is easily becoming my most sought after comic of 2015.

Birthright #4 is available at your local comic book retailer from Image. I would also suggest you start a pull list. This is a very popular comic.


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