Ava’s Demon Kickstarter Reaches its Goal Within 2 Days


Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 5.10.50 PMI, like numerous others, leapt at the opportunity to fund Michelle Czajkowski’s second Ava’s Demon kickstarter. The popularity of the first allowed her to work on her gorgeous webcomic full time. It follows a young girl tormented by the spirit of a vengeful intergalactic queen, Wrathia Bellarmina, who seeks to find her consort and champions in order to destroy the god­like usurper TITAN. Ava is swept up on adventure with her former friend, a follower of TITAN and a mysterious stranger who saves her from an exploding planet. Each panel of Czajkoski’s artwork glows, her character designs are lovely. This kickstarter is to fund the publication of Book Two and reprint Book One.

Additional treats offered are PDFs, stickers, cards, Ava’s key necklace in bronze and Maggie’s door pendant in silver bronze. If you are especially generous you can buy a portrait of yourself and your own demon along with being added into the comic’s universe. This project will be funded on February 24, 2015.


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