Rot and Ruin #3


rot-ruin-3Our heroes take shelter on the the farm, sidetracking from their quest to find the mysterious jet that had flown over their community a while ago. Benny, Nix, Chong, and Lilah have grown up in the zombie apocalypse, and are suspicious of the recoveringcivilization they have entered. Kindly Farmer John has developed sustaining agriculture in his walled town. He can provide protection, discipline, doctors, and actual toilet paper.

Secrets within a religious post­apocalyptic farmstead creates a predictable scenario.’ It is too good to be true, right?’ scenario. It is the character reactions that make the the story human. Tony Vargas’ illustrations are excellently expressive of emotion and strain. The action flows well from character to character, and it is good to see them working together. It’s pacing good, dropping hints of what is to come as the story builds up. Horrific prices must be paid to bring order from chaos, children are not spared from adult darkness.

Rot and Ruin #3 is now available from IDW.


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