Katamari Volume #1


cover58775-mediumIf you’ve ever played the strange videogame Katamari Damacy, you already are well aware that a comic book of the same characters will likely make little to no sense. Katamari features a small prince who must use a sticky ball to capture creatures and items from various locations in order to build a large enough ball of stuff to present to the King in the sky. It’s bright, colorful, and makes about as much sense as a teenager on hallucinogenic mushrooms.

In Katamari Volume #1 the various cartoons released regarding characters from the game are gathered in one large collection. Katamari ends an alien invasion to protect diplomacy with a cow king, as well as interacts with some of the more familiar faces of the game. Each page features explanation and description from the writers and artist about why specific choices were made for the panels and the storyline. This is great if you want the backstory behind the work, but distracting if you are just there for the comic.

Katamari Volume #1 is now available from Udon Entertainment.


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