Review: Wild’s End #4 & #5


wilds end 5No, your eyes did not deceive you. This review will be on the fourth and the fifth issue since I was a cad and missed the notice.

Last time we left our survivors, they were surrounded in a wheat field. They could hear the clicking of the small machines and all hope seemed to be lost. Until Mr. Fawkes came and saved them all. Recollecting last night’s events, Mr. Fawkes adds his good drinking buddy to the list of fatalities. The plan to head Upper Deeping comes to a horrifying halt. To add horrors upon horrors, the alien robots come in a different, much larger, much more lethal size.

The death toll is pretty steep at this point. The group is losing morale and losing places to run to. In a chase scene very reminiscent of Jurassic Park, the group finds themselves with even fewer options. One more issue is left in the story. Will the group survive? Will there be an answer to these alien attacks?

In between the death scenes and action, there are beautiful and calm background panels. The reader is lulled into a sense of contentment along with the characters as they take a cigarette break. Through these moments we find more tidbits about our characters. Ms. Peardew is still one of my favorite characters. She is an almost replica of a jaded and bitter writer.Yet she does have a caring heart as she tries to soften the reality of the horrors around poor little Alph.

Now since this is a War of the Worlds tribute, I wonder what the catch will be? Is Mr. Slipaway having a dream? Are we experiencing the drunken stupor of Mr. Fawkes? Or is there really an alien invasion? If so, why attack a small english hamlet? Why waste the resources chasing after a town when they can take over the world with their devastating firepower?

Just like those listening to an old radio broadcast, I’m just going to stay tuned for the next episode.

Wild’s End #5 is available at your local comic book retailer from BOOM! comics



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