Buffy Season 10: Issue #11



Leave it to Buffy to surprise me in ways I never anticipated. This issue starts with a little speed dating. That’s right, SPEED DATING…as in the dating where you answer 20 questions in thirty seconds. And who is caught in this fiasco? Why none other than Buffy herself. In an attempt at normalcy, Buffy participates in speed dating at Murphy’s. Everything is going…awkwardly? When a vampire recognizes her and word gets out that she was formerly public enemy number one. Expecting the excitement to turn sour, Buffy is pleasantly surprised when two vampires try to claim her as their date. Around the time the argument gets heated their nipple rings (yes, yes I said nipple rings) get caught together, providing Buffy with a way to escape an increasingly unusual speed dating experience.

As Buffy mentally recovers from her ordeal the comic cuts to Xander and Dawn out on their own romantic rendezvous. After a movie the two head for something to eat when Dawn breaks it to Xander that she isn’t ready for any sort of romance. She just wants the natural progression they had before. The friendship that flowed into love; not a pressured romance desperate for a past that had long departed. After a fond farewell she leaves Xander to his own devices and the scene is again reset on another flirtatious liaison: Willow and her other worldly courtship. Conversations from this point bounce between characters. We discover that Giles has located his lost love and that his new form is preventing her from loving him on a romantic level but she still wants to love him as a friend.

While Giles struggles with his youthful form, Willow struggles with her grief over her former lover’s death and Xander tries to come to terms with he and Dawn’s new status Andrew, a fella who has often caused trouble for Buffy n’friends, is out to obtain something called the “Asclepian Vial”. A vial that, when sipped, turns the drinker into their “true self”. After taking a sip Andrew has an epiphany: he is homosexual. To make matters more interesting, a demon bursts into the party (where Andrew is currently roaming) and demands he be given the vial. In that instant Andrew’s true form is revealed: he is a justice dealing, crime ridding super hero. Unprepared for a fight, the demon flees and Andrew is swarmed by astonished onlookers.

Now let’s see…who have we missed this issue? Of course! Our dear, soul-plagued vampire: Spike! His is not a scene of romance but gruesome crime. Spike is working with the police task force attempting to track down the very same flesh demon that crashed Andrew’s party. As Spike searches the local bars for clues we, the readers, have our attention returned to the romance of this story. Dawn, Willow and Buffy chat about emotion while Xander talks to his ex (who is haunting him until he sorts out his life) about why love is so complicated. In between the chatter Spike drops off 6 kittens he rescued from a demon and Buffy bails on her gal pals because they are making too much of a point about her and Spike.

As fate would have it, Spike and Buffy run into each other (y’know, cuz they literally live across the hall from each other) and go out on a flesh-golem killing spree to ease the edge of their stresses. When the two come to the conclusion that the grave yard of golems won’t lead them to the master demon they eradicate the remaining creatures and laugh off some horribly timed jokes about “skeleton crews”. As the comic concludes Buffy smiles at Spike and…[SPOILER] THEY KISS!!! Fan girls around the world rejoice! Buffy is finally giving Spike a chance 😉 It’s a great ending to a very enjoyable issue.

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