Hexed #6: Spontaneous Necromancy


hexed6coverYves is dead, but at a terrible cost to Val and her team. The gallery has been burned to the ground, years of work collecting magical artifacts obliterated. The pieces that aren’t flat out destroyed are missing or currently making the circuit on the black market. And of course, when you are the heir to the Keeper of Secrets, you are never safe for long. A new collection of people have have decided it would be much more convenient if Lucifer, Val and Raina were dead. Val sends Lucifer and Raina out on a quest to begin retrieving what’s left of the artifacts, but the mission is more than meets the eye. What is Val up to, and what will happen when Cymbaline finds Lucifer and gives her an offer she may not be able to refuse, quite literally?

What else happens in this issue? Well, Lucifer and Raina run into a pair of thieves who may be just as good as they are, then they get into a car chase and then magically trash a car. Meanwhile, Val visits a priest to acquire a magical crown atop a human skull, and oh, and there’s the matter of Raina’s little ghost summoning problem. It seems she has a tendency to raise the dead at the most spontaneous of times, without realizing it (which ends up making her kind of an accidental badass). I’m sure she’ll figure out that whole raising the dead thing soon, right?

hexedcarchaseAs usual, Hexed is just plain fun. The plot expertly weaves everything from the outrageous and silly to the intricate and serious into a great fun to read package. The subplots flow seamlessly into each other, telling the overarching story perfectly. With the stunning and vibrant art by Dan Mora, and clever script by Michael Alan Nelson, Hexed just can’t miss. Among my favorite parts of the story are those in which Lucifer and Raina, the intern, get to interact. In this scene Raina expresses some…trepidation about the current mission. This is reasonable, considering that last one left her with glowing face tattoos and magic powers.

“Uh uh, no way. Last time I had a mask over my face it turned me into Raina, Queen of the Dead,” she says.

“More like whining princess of the dead if you ask me,” retorts Lucifer.

“Excuse me?”

Lucifer’s absurdly high level of acceptance for the insanity that is their job plays well against Raina’s absolute shock and horror (she makes a good straight man). The series has me hooked and I can’t wait to see what happens next. After all, the second half of the mystery involves a great golden crown which sits upon a human skull, which was kept deep in a dark vault filled with hundreds of skeletons, being guarded by priests. That sounds totally innocuous, right? Surely nothing will go wrong there… Join us next month when we find out what went wrong there.

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