Review: The Twelfth Doctor #4


DW coverWell now, this issue ignited my interest in the comic.

The Doctor met an Amazonian warrior named Rani Jhulka when he walked through a fourth dimensional plane and went back in time. As he and Rani defend themselves against the zealous ghouls, Clara and Priyanka Maratha have their own group in the present to deal with. One group is able to survive the attack, the other fails. It all culminates to a showdown.

Up to this point, I have not had much regard for the Doctor Who comic series. The Doctor was shown as bigger grouch and Clara with more petty attitude and less sass than their TV counterparts.

There were two interesting things about this issue, however, that made me pause. One is the story of the love between the bride-to-be and her Amazonian female guard. The Doctor is shown as not really caring about the relationship between two women. It was the hatred that bothered him. Which led me to the second interesting things about this issue. The Doctor just seems tired of it all. He seems grouchy not just because he can but because he’s tired. He’s lost patience with seeing the same cycle of conflict and hate. Looking at it from that perspective, it makes a heck a lot of sense why he acts the way he does.

There is also a softening point towards Clara. Instead of allowing her to be engulfed in rocket flames, he makes a decision to save her. For all of his curmudgeon ways, he still cares. He just lacks the patience to act politely.

Maybe I have gotten used to the artwork or the artwork has become more refined. At least, it has around the side characters. Clara and the Doctor are still awkward. There was even a panel where the Doctor’s face looked more skeletal than anything else.

Except for those two revelations, the rest of the story is pretty much a snooze fest. That perfect family wasn’t perfect (yeesh, it reminds me of a certain episode), they’re going to kill humankind for their life force (yaaay, really familiar). Other than the unique setting of India in space, there is nothing of interest to note here.

The next issue will be the final arc for this story. I suppose the Doctor will save us. With a sneer.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #4 is available from Titan comics at your local comic book store.


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