Geeky Music Videos–Not Parodies or Covers


Music videos are my thang. Add a geeky element to it and they will be in my mind for a loooong time.

Geeky parodies are fun,cute, and very popular. This is a list of videos that are of original content and/or are geek-fluenced. This can be seen in the songs and/or the style.

This is a small list, if you know of any more, please share.

Enjoy a break a break from reality for a bi

1. Lindsey Stirling-Roundtable Rival

Light on her feet and fast on the strings, Stirling is a geek-tastic artist. Not just content with dancing as she plays the violin, one of her music videos took a steam-punk/western aesthetic. Although I had heard her before, it was this video that opened my ears to her music. Seriously, steampunk is the quickest way to get my attention.


2. Savant-Kali 47

Yup. Add some steampunk elements and I’ll even listen to some EDM. The graphics on this video are off the wall along with crazy violence. Plus, the video features the amazing League of S.T.E.A.M. Mike Diva masterminded this video. His previous creation, Kill the Noise, is something that just HAS to be checked out.

3. Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits- “Somebody Call the Doctor”

Right in line with all things geeky comes a Doctor Who influenced music video. Kat Robichaud was apparently one of the finalists on the reality TV show, The Voice. I don’t pay any attention to these kind of reality TV shows, so I know zilch about her. Only that she is awesome for doing a Whovian themed song. It’s a lyrical video with cosplayers running around. Allons-y!

4. Allie Goertz- Tonight

If acoustic is your thing, then check out Allie Goertz. She doesn’t have any flashy music videos but her music is chock full of original geeky content.

5. The Guild- Do You Want to Date My Avatar

It’s been five years but I still love the webseries and this song. This was my first introduction to Felicia Day and the realization that geeky music can happen. For anyone who loves games like Word of Warcraft, then you know this song already. For those who don’t, it’s still a really enjoyable music video.

But c’mon, really? You haven’t see The Guild, yet? Do it now!!!


6. The Doubleclicks- This Fantasy World/D&D

A sweet video done by an acoustic sister pair in animated form. This Portland based duo (which cracks me up right now since I just started watching Portlandia) had came down to LA to perform last year and they were amazing live. Entertaining with great songs.


7. The Motherf*&king Pteradactyl-Sarah Donner and Oatmeal

If crude language and animation is your thing, then this video will have you pressing replay. Matt Inman of the Oatmeal is known for delivering educational material in hilarious, crude, and awesome ways. Just try getting this song out of your head!


8. F&*k Me, Ray Bradbury-Rachel Bloom

Keeping in line with the crude, here’s a video that takes the love of Ray Bradbury to another level. I am also a huge fan of Ray Bradbury (Something Wicked They Way Comes is my favorite) so this song cracks me up. This can offend a lot of people so fair warning. Sometimes a book is so dang good that this song can definitely relate to that emotion.


9. Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk

The title says it all. I also have the song downloaded and play it during the gym.


10. Dum- On and On

The artist superimposed himself and his friends on one of my favorite movies of all time. Plus, the music is catchy and very sweet. This was one of my favorite discoveries of 2014.



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