Ghost Volume #3: Against the Wilderness


unnamedGhost, or Elisa to her friends, is currently adjusting to her not quite mortal state and attempting to uncover her past and what exactly happened before she became a not-so-corporeal crime fighter.  A local late night horror-movie host, Von Ghastly, has been on for ages but after a change in his persona the gore and violence is starting to take on a more menacing form of public-access fare. After posing as a reporter, Elisa gets into the local station to confront Von Ghastly. She is used to fighting demons, and most of the  local city goons, but there’s something making Von Ghastly a dangerous foe. With the help of her friends and ghost hunting techniques, Ghost has to find a way to stop Von Ghastly before he opens a doorway to hell.

So Kelly Sue Deconick may have left Ghost, but the strength she set up for Elisa remains. The character makes mistakes and is a complicated woman/ghost/thing. I can’t help but love the story as I have a deep love for late night public-access horror hosts. Von Ghastly is a combination clown and vampire wannabee. There were brief moments while reading where I contemplated how to convince my significant other to cosplay him.

If you’re an avid reader and don’t want to wait to read Ghost issue  by issue, I highly recommend picking up Ghost Volume #3: Into the Wilderness. It is now available from Dark Horse Comics.


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