Review: Sex Criminals #10


SexCriminals10_CoverWith Sex Criminals #10, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky continue to put out the best sex positive comic that deals with relationships in a real way while being about people who can stop time with their orgasms. Filled with hilarious dick pics (seriously, one of them was wearing a tiny hat) and extreme vaginal close ups, this may just be the most NSFW issue of the comic yet.

After deciding to strike back against Myrna Spurge – a.k.a. Kegel Face – and the sex police, Jonny and Suzie road trip to meet Dr. Ana Kincaid. Jonny continues therapy and starts to consider that he might just love Suzie. For anyone who has dealt with depression or a partner struggling with depression, there are some painfully familiar moments that still manage to be light and funny. The writers of Sex Criminals #10 demonstrate an incredible gift in balancing heartbreak and comedy.

The art in this issue is well done. The color palette for the scenes in the therapist’s office is appropriately somber while Cumworld is still vibrant and beautiful. There are some incredibly striking panels of a pale and naked Jonny in a red room with a black box. Overall the consistency of the art and character design from panel to panel and issue to issue is spectacular in this comic. That probably comes from having the same two people working on it from the very beginning.

Do you like sex, naked people, and laughing? Read Sex Criminals. For a comic about love, orgasms, and robbing banks, it’s pretty much perfect.

Sex Criminals #10 comes out from Image Wednesday January 28, 2015.


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