Agent Carter #4: The Blitzkrieg Button


Agent_Carter_New_LogoThe show opened up with Jarvis dealing for a batch of smuggled goods. Turns out the package is Howard Stark being smuggled in a shipping container.  Unable to return to any of his residences, Carter sneaks Stark into her all women boarding house, The Griffith. Starks asks Carter to find out which of his inventions the SSR has, to narrow down what is still on the Black Market. He sends her in with a camera pen.

Chief Dooley steps out for a while to investigate a possible lead on the Stark case leaving Agent Thompson in charge of the SSR. Thompson instantly starts forcing the office to start working overtime to tackle the Stark Case. Agent Sousa starts by investigating the finger prints off the phone that the tip came from.

Mr. Mink, who moved Stark in, disposed of his henchmen upon finding out that they didn’t get the money they were promised and decides to track down Carter on his own.

After looking at the pictures Carter took of his inventions, Stark asks Peggy to steal one back, known as the Blitzkrieg button. The weapon is capable of causing an entire city to black out.

Sousa brings in a homeless man that he thinks might have seen something the night Krzeminski was killed. It turns out to lead to a dead end. While Dooley is investigating his lead, he finds out the famed battle of final did not happen the way everyone thought.

Carter heads into the SSR to steal back Stark’s Blitzkrieg button. Curiosity catching the best of her she switches open the button to find that it hides a vial of blood. She questions Stark about the vial and it is revealed to be the blood of Steve Rogers. Stark tells Carter that the vial could help create vaccines. Carter, upset by this tells him to leave.

Mr. Mink tracks Carter to the Griffith, and obtains the location of her room. He sneaks into the building and tries to break into her room but is stopped by one of Peggy’s neighbors who disarms him.

Dooley returns from his investigation and Thompson tells him that Stark was on the plane that arrived at Final after the supposed battle. Dooley thinks there’s a conspiracy.

The series has become less like an action packed Nicholas Sparks novel, and more like a classic Marvel story. Peggy spends less time pining over her loss of Steve and more time trying to help Stark. She still doesn’t know whether or not she can be trust time. By the end of the episode she concludes that he’s a man who only loves money. This is the most we’ve see of Stark so far. It’s pretty clear where Tony gets his womanizing from. We get a small glimpse of his background when he talks about what his parents did for a living.

If you haven’t seen Agent Carter yet, fire up your Hulu account and get caught up! Don’t forget to look for a familiar face at the end of this week’s episode!



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