My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #27



In this issue the ponies are enjoying a peaceful picnic, when suddenly, Zecora runs through while being chased by wolves. The ponies stun the wolves but a mysterious vine starts to creep through Ponyville and attack the residence. Princess Celestia sends a letter to Twilight Sparkle telling her that this is happening to all of the towns surrounding the Everfree forest. Twilight and her friends go into the forest to investigate and find “The Heart of the Forest” to ask him for help. Twilight and her friends learn about the cost of cutting down the forests in the name of progress.

My Little Pony storylines usually have messages of friendship and working together. It’s refreshing to see the series take on a hot button issue like conservation. This is spun in a way it is easy for a younger reader to understand. I personally was reading this with the child I nanny and he asked questions about saving the forest. The story not only showed the side of the conservationist but also the side of the people who wanted to build new homes and had jobs relying on it. It was a very interesting take.

I loved the layout of this storyline because the vines that are taking over Ponyville have been integrated into the spaces between the panels. It really gave the illusion that the vines are going everywhere. The colors are a lot darker than what readers are used to, to give the feeling of a dark forest. The artist did a good job conveying the setting through the changes in color pallet.


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #27 is now available from IDW comics. 


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