Review: Evil Empire #10


Evil_Empire_010_coverAfter taking a break from the main narrative to do a behind the artist type issue similar to the break taken in the fourth issue, Evil Empire #10 returns to Reese Greenwood and the resistance as they try to make a dent in the rapidly rising global culture of the Evil Empire. The United Nations has been slaughtered, people are raping and murdering with impunity, and the President is in an openly incestuous relationship. How do people with principles fight back against a ruling regime whose essential philosophy is “do whatever you want”?

This issue finds Reese and the resistance just barely holding on. Despite the normal level of action and Presidential monologuing, this issue feels slower than previous offerings. With its persistent shocking twists and turns, it seems Bemis has started to run out of steam. The shape of things to come is teased briefly, but the ending just manages to up the ante enough that the reader feels compelled to pick up the next issue.

The art has been a bit lackluster since the departure of Ransom Getty as the primary artist. In Evil Empire #10, Victor Santos takes over for Andrea Mutti. The faces are sketchy, feeling hastily scribbled in and failing to convey emotion. This makes the characters difficult to tell apart at times. The color palette is appropriate for dystopian horror filled with muted shadowy colors.

While Evil Empire has generally been a fascinating read, this is definitely one of the weaker issues. Pick it up to stay current on the story.

Evil Empire #10 comes out January 28, 2015 from BOOM! Studios.


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