“All You Care to Eat”- Archer and Pam Attend ‘Edie’s Wedding’


“You know you’re no prize either right?”


Pam is, in short, a total badass. She has raced the Yakuza, engaged in backroom brawling for pay and spent an entire plane ride in a cast made of cocaine. So what scares Pam more than anything? Interactions with her family. Pam’s sister Edie is marrying Pam’s former crush (stupid Don). Even worse is that Edie has asked her to be a bridesmaid but shunned her from being Maid of Honor in place of someone who had oral sex with another of Pam’s crushes. Edie lives for nothing more than torturing Pam and making her feel as bad as possible about herself. Instead of going alone, Pam gets Archer to go with her. After a casual sighting at the airport by Barry, the cyborg and archnemesis of Archer, the wedding trip turns quickly from fear of family to kidnapping.

604_1_copy_preview-300x169Pam looks great in this episode. After a few short jabs about her gaining the weight back after her cocaine habit, we see Pam appear with hair done, gorgeous dress and looks to kill. I’m sorry, but my larger-than-model-sized body was delighted by FX’s choice to cut the comedy and show Pam as a strong and beautiful woman. Pam gets kidnapped and still manages to be the strongest person in this episode. Of course, we still have the humor aspect.  Oh and in this case Archer looks a bit out of place in his white tuxedo.  Edie’s emphasis of “all you care to eat” instead of “all you can eat” prime rib seems to be a reminder that the writers’ desperately want to stick to proper grammar.  This episode has references to Carrie, The Warriors and Silence of the Lambs, as any proper episode of Archer should.

This was hands down my favorite episode of the season thus far.  Archer moving  Pam while she was sobbing to get coffee, and then prepping the whole thing by having her hold it shouldn’t have been as funny as it was, but I loved every second of it.  While we get have a former character popping up (is that you other Barry?) the terminator references were worth enduring.  Oh, and Edie gets hers, even if it’s not “all you care to eat.”



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