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Judge Dredd as a series is seeing new life sparked into it, starting with the splintering of Judge Anderson for Psi Division and now the addition of Judge Dredd Classics. The series is written by John Wagner with art by Brian Bolland, and manages to maintain the feel of the newer Dredd series while going through the story. Its main focus is on Judge Dredd, although Judge Anderson makes an appearance and is a large part of the first part of this story.

While the world of the Judge Dredd series is dark, Classics manages to take it one step further. There’s someone going around judging others to death. The crime: life. Judge Death runs amok in Mega-City One, and the other Judges have to put a stop to it. He has a little help from his brothers Fear, Fire, and Mortis though. This story is a fun read for any fan of Dredd and a great introduction for those new to the series. Be warned, however: while it doesn’t have anything graphic yet, there is a fair amount of potential for it to turn that way because of what it’s dealing with. As of right now, however, it’s managed to stay away from excessive amounts of graphic violence.


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