Beauty and the Beast: Vendetta



Based on the series by Ron Koslow, Sherri Coooper and Jennifer Levin, Nancy Holder’s Beauty and the Beast: Vendetta will likely only grab the attention of fans of the television show. Tess Vargas and Catherine Chandler, both NYPD detectives, have just closed a particularly menacing case and the figure involved is set to go to Riker’s Island for a long time. While Cat returns home to celebrate with her genetically modified “beast” boyfriend, Vincent, she refuses to feel any worries regarding the possible vengeance heading her way. The two are awakened in the middle of the night to the city in chaos during g mysterious blackout. During the basic rioting and limited police exposure, the son of one of the most powerful crime families, Angelo DeMarco, goes missing. ┬áCat and her partner Tess discover that the power outage has also reached to Riker’s Island and Cat’s father (the man responsible for Vincent’s condition) has escaped. Vincent wants desperately to help Cat find her father, as well as the Angelo DeMarco, but the loving couple may be heading straight for a trap.

Beauty and the Beast: Vendetta is easy to follow, but if you aren’t a passionate fan of the show the book is not the engaging novel of the century. To Nancy Holder’s credit, she has created a strong story from a weak television program. I just couldn’t find myself devouring this one the way I had past Buffy or Alien novelizations. Fans of the show may greatly enjoy the mystery of this book, but people who have never seen Vincent will quickly grow tired of the constant descriptions of how attractive he is to Catherine.

Beauty and the Beast: Vendetta is now available from Titan Books.


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