Deadites…In… SPACE!!! A Look at ‘Army of Darkness #3’


AODSpace03-Cov-A-HardmanBad Ash and his deadite hordes go techno when they invade a space station, but what could a medieval undead baddy want with a muti-billion dollar satellite? What’s worse, Bad Ash soon proves he is so much more than an ugly face. He’s also pretty handy with with his tools. Much to our hero’s surprise, the king of the deadites gives himself a systems upgrade, cyborg style. How can he be stopped? Who will win this technological arms race?

Army of Darkness is written as the movie was.; it’s over the top, zany and just a tad bit (maybe more than a tad) cheesy. Like the movie the comic doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has everything you would expect from the franchise, action, blood & guts, fun weapons and some real ugly deadites. The silliness of the plot almost makes you forget how very, very gorey the comic is (though I can’t quite get the sound effect “schlorp” out of my brain). The art is well done, grimy, gross, and most importantly, correctly portrays our protagonist’s heroic chin.

The only small complaint I have is the alarmingly frequent movies quotes. They are nearly ubiquitous, and unfortunatly, they tend to be a little hit or miss. Sometimes they will have you laughing out loud other times they’ll just make you groan. A properly placed reference is clever and witty and reminds you of your nostalgia for the source material. Add too many, though, and instead of appealing to fans they can seem forced and awkward. This is a common issue in franchises, see also: “But why’s the rum gone?”

That one brief complaint aside, Army of Darkness #3 was highly entertaining. As long as you like a little bit of silliness with your zombies and blood and gore, Army of Darkness is the franchise for you. It combines action, horror and comedy in a well balanced blend, and of course, for fans there is a strong nostalgia factor. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Army of Darkness #3 is available now from Dynamite Comics


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