Garfield: His Nine Lives Part #2 of 4


kaboom_garfield_034_a_mainIn this issue Garfield talks about his third and fourth lives, which he lived as a pirate and a cowboy. In Pirate Cat, Garfield lives his life as Orangebeard the pirate. He takes his crew on an adventure to find the Island of Lost Riches. When the rest of his crew abandons him in the face of danger, it’s up to Orangebeard, Long Jon, the cabin boy and first mate to find the buried treasure. In Cowboy Cat, Garfield is known as Garfield the Kid. Evil Roy Gato tries to take over the town of Galloping Gulch with his T-shirt printing business forcing the town’s people to work for him with no pay. At the end of each day he would force the workers to polka dance. The town’s people get a glimmer of hop when Garfield the Kid roles into town and challenges Gato to a spaghetti eating contest.

This issue provides another insightful look into the lives that Garfield led before becoming the fat cat that everyone loves today. The stories are fun and have a twist that is fitting only for a pasta loving feline. Younger readers will enjoy the short stories with exciting and simple plots.

The art for each story has a very different style for to help reflect the time period they are taking place in.  Pirate Cat has much more vivid color and rounded shapes that allude to a Caribbean pirate adventure, while Cowboy Cat has more neutral colors and pointed to reflect the old west and desert landscapes.

Check this one out for the next two chapters of Garfield’s life.

Garfield: His Nine Lives Part #2 of 4 is available from KaBOOM! on February 4, 2015.



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