Lady Killer #2 of 5


unnamed (3)If it weren’t for a random Twitter post from a friend about how much they loved Lady Killer #1, I may have skipped right by this gem; wouldn’t that have been a shame. Lady Killer follows Josie, a gorgeous mother of three children. What makes her different is the fact that her day job is murdering people. Working for an agency, Josie takes on difficult cases and takes down problems with wit, intelligence and her ability to get out of tight situations. However, sometimes work gets in the way of life with the family and vice-versa. Her husband Gene and the neighbors think Josie works with hospice patients. With Josie’s boss getting on her case about recent scheduling issues, Josie must calm his nerves while not letting her family know what she really does during the day.

For fans of Mad Men or 1960’s period dramas, Lady Killer offers a nice change of pace from the typical story of a woman dealing with the challenges of work and family. The story is a partnership between Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, but Jones does the artwork as well. Josie is curvy, beautiful and deadly. Her outfits range from kitty-cat in a Playboy Bunny-style club to well-dressed housewife. While Josie’s outfits can be risque, I’m impressed by how well the story has her deal with pretty blatant sexual harassment. It’s quite cathartic to see a woman taking down a man who not two minutes before was trying to pin her in a closet.

Lady Killer #2 is available from Dark Horse comics February 4, 2015.


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