TNT Celebrates Supernatural Fandom with Five Marathons in February


We’re nerding out over this press release from TNT:

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TNT is celebrating Supernatural fandom this month with Supernatural Superfan Wednesdays, seven-hour, themed marathons of episodes airingfrom 1-8 p.m. (ET/PT) every Wednesday in February. In addition, TNT will set aside President’s Day for a 11 hours of fan favorites, as well as episodes featuring meta storylines. The Supernatural Super-Meta Marathon is set to air from noon to 11 p.m. (ET/PT) on Monday, Feb. 16.

In honor of Supernatural‘s passionate fan base, TNT will highlight select fan tweets on-air throughout the Wednesday marathons. To take part, fans can tweet their thoughts using the hashtag #TNTRewatch.

Um, yes please!

Supernatural follows the thrilling and terrifying journey of brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), who lost their mother 27 years ago to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. Subsequently, their father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) raised them to be soldiers. He taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America…and he taught them how to kill it.

The themes for Supernatural Superfan Wednesdays include “The Winchesters: Why So Serious”on Feb. 4, a marathon of funny episodes from the series; “The Bobby Singer Story” on Feb. 11, with episodes centering on the Winchester boys’ surrogate father figure, played by Jim Beaver; “Killing Time” on Feb. 18, featuring episodes about time travel; and “The Lighter Side of Dean” on Feb. 25, with humorous episodes centering on the younger of the two Winchester brothers.

A complete schedule of TNT’s February Supernatural marathons, including episode titles, is included below.

Supernatural, which is currently in its 10th season on The CW, is produced by Warner Bros. Television in association withWonderland Sound and Vision, with McG (Charlie’s Angels, The O.C.), Robert Singer (Midnight Caller), Jeremy Carver (Being Human), Phil Sgriccia (Revolution) and Adam Glass (Cold Case) serving as executive producers.

Supernatural Marathons on TNT in February

And here’s the breakdown of episodes.


Supernatural Superfan Wednesdays


Feb. 4: “The Winchesters: Why So Serious”

1 p.m. – “Hell House” (Season 1)

2 p.m. – “Ghostfacers” (Season 3)

3 p.m. – “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!” (Season 7)

4 p.m. – “It’s a Terrible Life” (Season 4)

5 p.m. – “Wishful Thinking” (Season 4)

6 p.m. – “Bad Day at Black Rock” (Season 3)

7 p.m. – “Mystery Spot” (Season 3)


Feb. 11: “The Bobby Singer Story”

1 p.m. – “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (Season 3)

2 p.m. – “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester” (Season 4)

3 p.m. – “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” (Season 5)

4 p.m. – “Weekend at Bobby’s” (Season 6)

5 p.m. – “Appointment in Samarra” (Season 6)

6 p.m. – “And Then There Were None” (Season 6)

7 p.m. – “Death’s Door” (Season 7)


Feb. 18: “Killing Time”

1 p.m. – “In the Beginning” (Season 4)

2 p.m. – “The Song Remains the Same” (Season 5)

3 p.m. – “Frontier Land” (Season 6)

4 p.m. – “Time After Time” (Season 7)

5 p.m. – “As Time Goes By” (Season 8)

6 p.m. – “King of the Damned” (Season 9)

7 p.m. – “Pac-Man Fever” (Season 8)


Feb. 25: “The Lighter Side of Dean”

1 p.m. – “Free to Be You and Me” (Season 5)

2 p.m. – “Live Free or Twihard” (Season 6)

3 p.m. – “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester” (Season 5)

4 p.m. – “Dog Dean Afternoon” (Season 9)

5 p.m. – “Clap Your Hands if You Believe” (Season 6)

6 p.m. – “Monster Movie” (Season 4)

7 p.m. – “Yellow Fever” (Season 4)



Supernatural Super-Meta Marathon


President’s Day – Monday, Feb. 16

Noon – “Remember the Titans” (Season 8)

1 p.m. – “Freaks and Geeks” (Season 8)

2 p.m. – “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Managerie” (Season 7)

3 p.m. – “Slash Fiction” (Season 7)

4 p.m. – “The Monster at the End of This Book” (Season 4)

5 p.m. – “Fallen Idols” (Season 5)

6 p.m. – “Changing Channels” (Season 5)

7 p.m. – “The Real Ghostbusters” (Season 5)

8 p.m. – “The French Mistake” (Season 6)

9 p.m. – “Hunteri Heroici” (Season 8)

10 p.m. – “#THINMAN” (Season 9)



I don’t know about you folks, but I’m going to get ready to cry and maybe make a few snacks from our Dean-mon menu The Cantina Scene did a few months back. 


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