Agent Carter: Episode #5 ‘Iron Ceiling’


Warning: Spoilers Included


Agent-Carter-S1E5-3This week’s episode opened up with a scene in Russia, with little girls in a boarding school type set up. Only in this boarding school the girls are handcuffed to the beds at night. The girls are seemly being brain washed by watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The girls are also seen working on their combat skills going head to head. The loser between the fight shown has her neck snapped. Flash forward to present day where Peggy Carter’s roommate, Dottie, wakes up from the dream. Dottie and Peggy meet up at the diner. Before departing, Dottie knocks over Peggy’s purse and during the scuffle steals her apartment key.


At the SSR office, message has been transmitted through the mysterious type writer. It gave the SRR coordinates for a location in the heart of Russia they believe to be associated with Leviathan buying weapons from Howard Stark. Carter convinces Dooly to let her go on the mission and has some old friends meet her on the Polish side of the Russian boarder. The men of the 107th also known as the Dum Dum Duggan and the Howling Commandos are there to meet them. The 107th take them through Lithuania to sneak into Russia.

Sousa is burning the midnight oil investigating a lead on the case from home. He noticed a mark on Peggy’s shoulder and matches it to a picture of the blond woman from Spider’s club. Back in Europe, during one of the night watches the team sits around telling stories about their experiences during the war. Carter asks Thompson to tell his story. He talks about how one night he killed Japanese soldiers before they could kill his commanding officers and other men in his camp. The team splits in to two groups to investigate the buildings found at the site of the transmitted coordinates. They come across the school that was shown in the flashbacks but it seems to be empty. They accidently turn on the cartoon projector and they notice that the phrase “Impose Fear” is being subliminally shown through the cartoon. As they look around they find a sleeping area with shackles on the beds. They come across a little girl that stabs Duggan and shoots and kills Junior before escaping.

In New York Dottie is shown going through Peggy’s apartment. She finds the pictures of Stark’s inventions and the picture of Steve Rogers. While examining herself in the mirror she practices a British accent like Peggy’s and smells Peggy’s signature red lipstick. She leaves the apartment only taking on of the pictures of the inventions.

In Russia Carter’s team come across two men in a prison cell under the school. It is revealed that he and another man have been locked up to build a bomb for them. One of the men, Nicolai’s, job is to build a bomb and the other is there to be his psychiatrist. The men have stolen schematics from Stark. The team is discovered and attacked. Agent Li is shot and dies. Nicolai takes Sawyer hostage and tries to bargain but is shot by the Doctor. Duggan shows up and gives them a hole in the wall to escape. Thompson is paralyzed with fear and Carter coaxes him out. They barely escape the campus. The doctor is taken back to New York with Carter and her team. On the ride home Thompson is ashamed by what happened back at the campus. He reveals that he killed the Japanese soldiers that came into his camp to surrender. He has been keeping it to himself since he came home from the war.

This episode has a lot of tie-ins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The 107th or Howling Commandos were first introduce to the MCU in the first Captain America Movie. It was awesome to see them return and finally have some males treat her as an equal and not just a coffee girl. The other tie was the Russian campus. The show’s creators have said that it a similar program to the one that trained Natasha Romenoff a.k.a. The Avenger’s Black Widow.

During this episode we finally get to see a new side of Thompson. Viewers finally crack through his hard shell and find out that he’s a complete fraud. It turns out he killed innocent men and has never fessed up to it until he talks about it with Peggy. Thompson goes into the mission thinking that he’ll have to bail her out when in reality she ends up saving him. It’s an interesting shift in the dynamic in their relationship. One has to wonder if this will stay that way once they go back to the office. There’s a glimmer of hope at the end of the episode when he invites her out to a drink.

Dottie is an interesting character who is also shown in a new light. She grew up in the Russian boarding school and is believed to have learned to kill at an early age. Pretty safe to guess she isn’t actually a dancer. In the previous episode we saw her kill a man that was in The Griffith to kill Peggy and steals his gun. Now we’ve seen her break into Peggy’s apartment and steal a picture of one of Stark’s inventions. Since she grew up in the school that is associated with Leviathan, one has to wonder if she is working for them or someone else completely different. Either way it’s not going to be good for Peggy. On a final note Sousa has now placed Peggy at the scene of Spiders murder. Look like helping Howard Stark might be coming back to haunt Peggy and endanger her career with the SSR.


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