Angel & Faith: Season 10 Issue # 11

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After several near death encounters, a few trips across the world and a battle with some very unstable magic users both Faith and Angel could use a break. Unfortunately, what seems like a respite in an otherwise supernaturally active life turns into something far more complicated. This issue reintroduces readers to a character long abandoned: Winifred Burkle aka “Fred”. As Angel is walking through town he encounters a shadowy figure in the mist. Fred, an old friend, comes stumble towards him speaking of Illyria. In her delirium, Fred tries to warn Angel of something but falls into his arms, worn from exhaustion. As he overcomes his surprise, Angel takes Fred to the only person with the know how to aid in this situation.
Across town the slayer Faith returns to Magic City. Her return stirs a lot of excitement, curiosity and concern. Eager to start her new position at Zane, a company seeking to help humans transformed by the magical explosion that rewrote history to transition into their new lives, she heads to Rory’s (the local “watering hole”). It is here where Faith is introduced to Inspector Brandt, the police liaison assigned to cooperate with Zane as they help the lost adapt to their new realities.The two chat a bit about how the world has changed. When Inspector Brandt discovers Faith returned to Magic Town in search of Nadira he is shocked. Nadira has become a household name in Magic Town. Confused, Faith follows Brandt’s direction to Nadira.
When faced with the new Nadira, Faith is overcome by relief and regret. Nadira offers her a gift: forgiveness. After a brief discussion the two are interrupted by Angel who thanks Nadira for taking care of Fred. Angel and Faith embrace and questions are answered about Fred’s somewhat unclear presence (Fred may or may not remain possessed by the ancient demon/witch Illyria). As the two recount events another character enters the scene requesting aid from Nadira and claiming he is looking for someone. Before he can say who, Fred erupts from the room she was sleeping in and speaks his name: Eldre Koh.
This issue is full of reunions, mystery, details on events post-magic explosion and a picture into the emotional states of the lead characters. The illustration is lovely and I absolutely enjoy the colors. This is one of the few comics whose story is just as replete with splendor as its art work. The coming issues are sure to excite, especially with the resurgence of Illyria, Nadira and Winifred Burkle. Be sure to pick up this series at your local shop or purchase it online at Dark Horse!

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