Dead Boy Detectives Volume #2: Ghost Snow


download (1)Crystal, Charles and Edwin head off on their most difficult case yet; the case of Charles’ half-sister. His half-sister is now a Buddhist monk with a skeptical daughter. The daughter doesn’t quite believe Crystal that she is accompanied by two ghosts and questions whether her mother has finally lost it in talking to Charles. Charles hears the uncomfortable news that his Father has long been blamed for his Mother’s suicide. He does not believe it and struggles with is half-sister to clear their Father’s name. Meanwhile a war rages on in a land between the living and the dead. In the land of the Bone Snow, one of Crystal’s childhood friends helps fight a battle to keep alive, despite having been in a coma for almost a decade. Accompanied by two ghost cats from one dead philosopher, the Dead Boy Detectives must rescue those caught between life and death, all while clearing the name of Charles’ father.

Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham continue a series that is both fun to read and just off enough to appeal to those with off-kilter and darker interests. This collection gathers issues #7-12 of Dead Boy Detectives and also includes a sketch gallery of the artwork in the series.
Dead Boy Detectives Volume #2: Ghost Snow is available February 4, 2015 from Vertigo Comics.


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