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Roman Dirge is a twisted, twisted man. Lenore is a comic featuring the adventures of a “cute little dead girl” and it works as a combination between something Tim Burton can only have nightmares about and a cosmic death ray of pop culture references. In the new collection, Pink Bellies, four chapters of previously released materials come together into one coherant story. In the days of Ancient Egypt, the god Taxen-Ra attacked parents who committed acts of violence against their children. His methods were a bit on the brutal side, so after an intense battle among the gods, he was entombed and assumed forgotten. After being accidentally released, Taxen-Ra decided to go by Taxidermy and became the protector of a cute little dead girl that he brought back to semi-life: Lenore. Now in the future, the other gods may have discovered Taxen-Ra’s ruse and seek to put him down.

First of all, you don’t read Lenore for a coherant story. If you do, you don’t understand the nature of Roman Dirge. Littered with references to Hannibal Lecter (your anagrams are showing, Dirge, and I love you for it), Justin Bieber and even a Rod Serling flashback squirrell, much  of Lenore is rolling with the punches and jokes about a bear’s anus. I should mention, this collection has an entire area of jokes about the vampire-doll Ragamuffin being shoved into a bear’s anus. You can’t make this up people. The true comedy comes in from casual throw away lines such as “don’t spare my feelings. Have I always been a sweet, sweet wizard” and an entire section on how Bieber’s are really a type of demon that takes on human form but can’t figure out how to correctly wear pants or hats.

Lenore, like so much of what I read, is not for everyone. For the Gothy crowd, the twisted individual, and for those people who I guess just want to read some jokes about a bear’s anus, Pink Bellies is your collection for February.

Pink Bellies is now available from Titan Comics.


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