Twitter Stories: the ‘Attractive Male’ Superpower

Spoiler Alert: Beast didn't qualify

Spoiler Alert: Beast didn’t qualify

I don’t know if I should even categorize this as “cultural commentary.” I’m not commentating, so much as I am just along for the ride. Really it’s more like found poetry, or a transcript of a night at the Algonquin Roundtable – a work of perfect cultural engagement, lovingly preserved. Sometimes journalists seek out stories, and sometimes stories just unfold gloriously around us. Last night a pop culture wonderment developed right before my eyes. Without further ado, I present:

The Night Gingerhaze Found the ‘Attractive Male’ Superpower Category on Comics Vine

The Attractive Male Superpower Category

Aren’t you glad you came with me on this journey? I think we all learned a lot today. We learned that we really, REALLY need to start a campaign to ensure that Beast and Abe Sapien get their due. We learned that brains area all you need to be attractive… I mean. according to comicsvine you literally do not need any other physical manifestation on this plane. And finally, we learned that the gender binary of superhero attractiveness may be woefully inadequate to describe a being who is the literal embodiment of pure attractiveness.

All in all, a most educational night. I certainly feel profoundly enriched.


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