Love Volume 1: The Tiger


cover58755-mediumSometimes a complete story can be told with no words at all. In Love Volume #1: The Tiger, Federico Bertolucci and Frederic Breemaud follow the day in the life of a tiger, as well as those animals he interacts with. All the creatures find themselves entering dangerous situations. With no words, the story manages to unfold as if told by the creatures of the jungle themselves. The reader feels like an outside observer, taking in every detail of the day to day struggles for survival from other animals and even the human influence of the outside world.

The coloration in Love Volume #1 is stunning. The muscles and strength of the creatures are plain to see and one must take extra care in viewing each beautifully illustrated page. It reminded me of a children’s book than a comic.

Love Volume #1: The Tiger is available February 10, 2015 from Magnetic Press.


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