Marvel Puts a New Spin on Things with the A-Force


Marvel Comics has recently been creating a lot of buzz with the upcoming Secret Wars that will tear the Marvel Universe apart. Out of the ashes of the chaos a new team will rise, bringing together She-Hulk, Dazzler, Meduca and Nico Minoru to form the A-Force.

This new project will be written by G. Willow Wilson, who has credits from Ms. Marvel and X-Men and Marguerite Bennett who is known for her work on Angela: Asgard’s Assassin.
“It feels almost like a great honor to be given the reins on something that has become so central to the narrative at Marvel and a big cinematic property as well,” Wilson says in a quote to USA Today.

Wilson and editor Daniel Ketchum were allowed to put together their own team of characters, as long as they were all female and create a completely new one. Out of that deal, came Singularity. This unique character will not be a human. Wilson says that she is a pocket universe that was able to become self-conscious as a result of the chaos during the Secret Wars.
The goal of this character according to Wilson is “strip it all the way down to the basics: What does it mean to be a woman and what would that look like to somebody who was learning about the human race as an outsider and is learning about what it means to have relationships with other people.”

As for putting the rest of the team together Wilson wanted to bring together a variety of abilities and powers. She wanted a team where the powers were balanced. The challenge for these heroines will be to learn to work together since each is used to only having to answer to herself or was the leader of a team.

No word on when exactly the A-Force will team up but readers can expect it around the time of the Secret Wars series.


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