‘Alone Forever: The Singles Collection’ or Liz Prince and I Have Lead Similar Lives


cover60439-mediumLiz Prince’s collection Alone Forever: The Singles Collection gathers together the awkward experiences of dating in a modern world. Whether it is the horrors of text messages or the absolute gut-wrenching agony of using OKCupid.com, artist Liz Prince captures the utter futility of dating.  Her drawings are intentionally simple, the hastily drawn black and white pen comics somehow capturing more emotion than an overly-embelished work. Liz Prince uses her work as an autobiography and as beautiful catharsis.

As someone who used the site OKCupid.com for several years (definition of insanity much?) it’s hard not to find myself smiling and laughing aloud at this book. Liz’s love of her cats and comfort with being single is comforting, even as she also illustrates the day where one can’t help but feel lonely. It is difficult, after all, to struggle with date after date while watching friends marry and have children.

Liz Prince’s honesty is comforting, and her artwork hilarious.

Alone Forever: The Singles Collection is available now from Top Shelf. .


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