‘Guide to Knife and Ax Throwing’ is a Great Place to Start


Guide to Knife and Ax throwingGuide to Knife and Ax Throwing by Dieter Führer is perfect for the person who has never thrown a knife before, or just wants a good idea on what type of knives and axes would be smart to purchase. I will say that just reading this book will not guarantee you are going to be an expert knife-wielder when finished. It provides solid techniques and advice, but there is no substitute for the real thing. Writer Dieter Fuhrer explains step by step what it takes to throw a knife or axe and gives tips for how to improve your throw. The guide also features various pictures of weapon-throwing stances and illustrations of what the throwing arc should look like. I will admit to a few times giggling at the photos, but I assure you there is nothing funny about someone skillfully throwing a knife in your direction.

Guide to Knife and Ax Throwing is now available from Schiffer  Publishing.

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Guide to Knife and Ax Throwing
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