The Hour of our Release Draws Near: Morning Glories issue 43


MorningGlories43_CoverWhile there are plenty of good comic books out there, Morning Glories continues to take the cake and prove that comics can be more than just good, but great. Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma have managed to keep the Lost-like vibe up for 43 issues while keeping it fresh and exciting with each new issue release. This issue’s cover is by Rodin Esquejo, and it does a fantastic job at capturing just what readers are in for with the issue. For those who aren’t already reading Morning Glories, the series follows a group of kids at a private school. But there’s something going on, something more than a tad sinister. As more answers are uncovered, though, more questions are raised. This particular issue continues the campaign as Casey runs for class president in an attempt to help her fellow classmates, particularly Jade. Meanwhile, others at the school are all going about their own projects: Hunter has joined the AV club, Vanessa is working on a science project that should prove to be a hit at the fair, and Guillaume is leader of one of the two sports teams at the school. Ike is up to his normal shenanigans, causing trouble for the others while helping (or hurting) in his own way. The character moments that happen here are fantastic, and there was a good balance between moving the plot forward and letting the characters interact in a way that captures the reader’s attention. There’s no doubt that the characters are really where the comic shines; despite having a large cast of characters, they’re all unique and manage to stand out on their own.

This issue, however, ties those plots together in a way that’s no only refreshing, but should prove to be quite interesting. It bears saying that there is quite a lot at stake here, and the series does a good job reminding people of that. It also likes to stay in the morally grey, showing the readers time and time again that not everyone is good, and that even the characters we thought were “clean” have more than a little blood on their hands. Nick Spencer did it in the past with Casey during her time travel arc, and it happens again here. In the Morning Glories universe, the line between good and evil is blurred, and the morally grey area seems necessary for survival.

Issue 43 comes out February 11th and is available digitally as well as in comic book stores.


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