Coffin Hill, Vol. 2: Dark Endeavors


My biggest piece of advice for readers of  Coffin Hill Volume #2 is to make sure you’ve read download (2)all of Coffin Hill Volume #1 well. This graphic novel opens with heroine and witch Eve Coffin in jail. She flashes back to how she ended up having her face scared and what events lead to her being shot and ending up in a coma. Flashing backwards, Eve is a police officer working a case on a murderer known as “The Ice Fisher.” This killer kidnaps young co-eds, murders them, and then dumps them in frozen lakes where they will be discovered after all evidence has a chance to be destroyed. Eve accidentally ends up working the case when she discovers the body. She quickly realizes the signs of this murder point to another witch.

Coffin Hill Volume #2 deals with domestic violence, drug addiction, prison fights and the murder of young women. In short, it is a pretty heavy collection. The imagery is dark, much of it having to do with occult images and murder. This is very much a Vertigo Comic, and as such is not for those with weak stomachs or sensitivity to violence. The graphic novel is a solid story, but relies heavily on the details from the first volume. Without following along from the beginning, one may find themselves scratching their head at certain random characters and their involvement in the story.

Coffin Hill Volume #2 is available from Vertigo Press February 11, 2015.


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