Agent Carter Episode 7: Snafu


agent_carter_pinstripe_suitThe episode opened in a flashback of the Doctor Ivchenko talking to one of his patients.

Flash forward to three years later where Peggy has been brought in for questioning. Souza is angry as he sets put the evidence while Dooley and Ivchenko watch from the other side of the interrogation glass. Thompson comes in and informs Dooley about what happened to Yauch. He asks about Ivchenko but Dooley says that he’s fine. Dooley, Thompson and Souza interrogate her and imply that she is defending Howard because they had a relationship. Carter insists that they have the wrong girl.

Jarvis strolls in to the Phone Company and asks to speak to Chief Dooley. He informs them that he has the signed confession from Howard Stark.

Jarvis tries to bargain for Carter’s freedom by handing over Stark. Dooley says that Carter and Jarvis can’t leave until they get Stark and that Carter is out of the SSR. Jarvis admits that Stark did not write the confession and that he signed it. He tells Peggy that he panicked and just wanted to buy them time.

Dooley calls his wife to try to reconcile. Ivcheckno eavesdrops. Peggy notices that Ivchenko is sending a morse code message to someone. Something is happening in 19 minutes. Peggy fears that leviathan is coming.

Peggy confesses to Dooley, Souza and Thompson that the confession was fake. She tells him about the messages that Ivchenko is sending out. When they don’t believe her she shows them Steve Roger’s blood to gain their trust. Dooley still doesn’t believe her but Souza does and Dooley lets him follow his gut. Dooley stays behind to babysit the Doctor. He asks him to shut the window. The doctor realizes something is amiss and starts to hypnotize him.

Sousa and Thompson move in on Dottie. Thompson warns Sousa about the girl in Russia.

Dooley locks Jarvis and Carter in one of the rooms at the SSR. Dooley and Ivchenko clear out the SSR lab and Ivchenko asks for item 17.

Sousa gets Dottie at gunpoint but Dottie fights him off and escapes.

Dooley walks Ivchecko to the elevator and allows him to leave with the create they found in the lab. He gives Dooley the vest and tells him that their work is not done.

Dottie picks up Ivcheckno and he tells her that they need to test the invention he took. She’s concerned about the SSR know who they are but he informs that there are more

In order to get out of the room, Jarvis and Peggy attempt to use the table they are handcuffed to as a battering-ram to escape. They break the window and Thompson is on the other side asking what they are doing.

Dooley goes home where his child is working on a project. His wife notices he is early. He tries to explain his strange feelings to his wife. It turns out to be a hallucination and Dooley is asleep in his office with the vest on. The agents are able to wake him and Jarvis tells them that the vest is a heat source. They bring in a scientist but he doesn’t know what to do. Dooley realizes there is no home so Dooley jumps out of the window of the SSR building and the vest explodes with him in it.

Dottie rolls her baby carriage into a theater and lets a canister fume out. She leaves and Ivchenko locks the theater. People start to cough and become aggressive. When a couple arrives they find the door locked. When they look inside they find that everyone has killed each other.

The penultimate episode is still leaving more questions than answers. There will be a lot that will hopefully be tied up in the last episode. I’m almost wondering if they are going to leave the last episode a cliff hanger. The motive for Leviathan is not clear other than to cause utter chaos. I’m thinking that the weapon used in the theater was related the Battle of Finnow. Thinking back to the episode in Russia when Ivchenko was “rescued” I’m wondering how who the people are that who were shooting at the Howling Comandos were and if they play a part in Leviathan’s plot.

There was an interesting change in dynamic with Souza and Thompson. Their roles have almost reverse in the beginning. Souza, feeling betrayed by Peggy was angry and not giving her a chance to explain what was going on. Thompson on the other hand actually seemed to want to help Peggy out after she bailed him out in Russia. Usually Souza is trying to help Peggy while Thompson is busy being a jerk. By the end of the episode they go back to normal but on the upside Thompson is more human.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this all wraps up next week.


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