Buffy Season 10: Issue 12 Review


Buffy Season 10: Issue 12
On the tip toes of love expressed in the last issue is right where this issue picks up. The ever dramatic kiss from Buffy to Spike is one that many fans have been waiting to see. Unfortunately, Spike over analyzes the situation and turns what could be a romantic moment into an emotional disaster. Needless to say, his logical perspective on an emotional act leads to Buffy blowing off the idea of them being together and running off into the night. Spike sums it up perfectly: he’s a wanker.

The scene cuts to Spike speaking with Xander about his ill begotten speech to Buffy when Andrew unceremoniously interrupts their conversation. He breaks to the two that the Flesh Demon (known as the “Sculptor”) broke into a coven and attempted to steal their potion. A potion that turns whomever drinks it (and is worthy) into their ideal self. Gathering the team together, Andrew provides details as Giles reviews the situation and a best course of action. In a flash, the comic cuts to the Flesh Golem battle with Andrew tearing the beast to bits in an effort to assist the coven’s and Willow’s spells effectiveness. Many gruesome tears of flesh and meaty gore later, the golem is defeated and the Sculptor scampers off weaponless.

The heat of success gets the better of Andrew as he turns and kisses the Coven’s leader (a man who rather looks like Professor X from X-Men…not that I’m complaining or anything). In that moment he discovers his true self and the potions power, the power which turned Andrew into a real life super hero, deteriorates. Andrew is reverted to his original form. Vulnerable and uncomfortable, he quickly exits the scene. In the midst of emotional turmoil, Spike takes advantage of time and speaks to Buffy about his less than tactful response to her kiss. Buffy responds in turn with a speech of her own that acknowledges what Spike said was true and honest. She forgives him and agrees they should stay as they are: friends. Spike acknowledges the truth in her words but comes back with one problem to staying friends: he is in love with Buffy.

Moments later the two are locked in each other’s arms, rolling about Xander’s apartment. Destroying Marquette armatures and furniture as they ravish each other (much to Dawn and Xander’s amusement). In fact, the two are making so much noise that they aggravate the already temperamental Giles and send him into an emotional uproar which ends with him storming away from the failed attempts at comfort from Dawn and Xander. As the night rolls on, Buffy and Spike’s love making quiets and the two fall asleep in each other’s arms. What does the future have in store for this team? Will this relationship last? How will Giles come to copes with being in a child’s body? So many questions, so many curiosities and so much danger lurking around every corner. The next issue of this season is sure to excite!


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