Sparks Nevada: Marshal On Mars #1


SparksNevada_CoverFor fans of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, the name Sparks Nevada will be familiar. A Marshal on Mars, Sparks Nevada is proud of his earth heritage and loves roaming the plains of Mars in search of evil that needs stopping and wrongs that need righting. On a routine ridealong with Felton, the town over-dramatist and hypochondriac, Sparks Nevada is attached by a group of untrustworthy robots. Thankfully, the Martian tracker designated Croach is along for the ride. His warnings of danger do not apply to the robots, but to something far more sinister.

Having spent a good about of time in traffic listening to the podcasts for Thrilling Adventure Hour, I couldn’t help hear the voices of all the actors in my head while I read. Sparks and Croach have very distinct voices and Felton’s trademark “heeeeeeeellllp” still echoes through my head. Fans of the podcast will find themselves enjoying the adventure and appreciating issue #0, which has been included a a special bonus. This issue tells of how Croach’s people came to their familiar “onus” discussion with Sparks and why Croach is so serious about protecting his friend.

For those who have never heard a recording of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, this comic may seem a little out there. A Captain Kirk-like figure dreams of going to the great plains of Mars vs. traveling the stars. Robots and aliens interact like the side characters of an Old West town in America. Robot gloves and special blackhole technology are there for the taking. It can be a lot to just accept.

The feeling of the old radio dramas is alive and well in The Thrilling Adventure Hour and likewise in the Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars comics. I can’t wait for more. Now all I need is Beyond Belief so I can really round out the feeling of the podcast…but rumor has it, that’s next on the horizon.

Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars #1 is now available from Image Comics.


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