Orphan Black #1: A Closer Look at Sarah Manning



Clone Club, rejoice! Orphan Black #1 follows the first episode of the fantastic science fiction television series very closely while providing insights and new angles that would be difficult to provide in the show. The inaugural issue features 14 different covers split between photographs of Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning and Jordan Gavaris as Felix and a series of photo-realistic covers of portraying each of the different clones.

Giving the reader access to an inner monologue that doesn’t exist in the show, we are able to see the thoughts of both Sarah and Beth during that fateful scene on the train platform. As this issue focuses on Sarah, scenes from her childhood give deeper insight into how she became the perpetually troubled girl just trying to make things right with her daughter. Her early relationship with Felix and Mrs. S are given new depth as we see their early introductions and interactions as Sarah grows.

With the exception of a single panel featuring a neon green “whump” against a violently red background, the comic utilizes the dark and gritty color palette of the television series.  Szymon Kudranski does an excellent job of rendering Helena, Beth, Sarah, and Katja as distinctive characters and yet clearly belonging to a set.

While this doesn’t diverge from the television series too much, Orphan Black #1 provides just enough new insight to be just what fans need in the time leading up to the season 3 television premiere. The next issue promises to be just as intriguing as it focuses on Helena.


Orphan Black #1 is available Wednesday February 25, 2015 from IDW Comics.


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