Review: Rasputin #5


Copy of Rasputin05_CoverAs Rasputin faces his possible mortality, he remembers those final days with the Tsar. He has saved Alexi, allowed Anastasia’s dog to live and even helped the Tsar live after being shot on the battlefield. However, not everyone is happy to see Rasputin. His vocal opposition to Russia’s involvement in World War 1 has gathered attention and enemies for those who fear that if Russia pulls out of the war the rest of Europe will fall to Germany. Seeing the injuries of the soldiers around him, Rasputin puts himself at great risk by healing all in the camp at once.

As Rasputin #5 comes to a close, it prepares for a whole new era. The writing and art maintain a strength throughout the series with each issue building the storyline. There are few words, and as such, none are wasted. So much of the story is told in the highly detailed art-work. With such haunting themes, it is wonderful to see the artwork keep pace.

Rasputin #5 is available from Image Comics February 25, 2015.


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