Agent Carter Comes to a Close with Episode 8: Valediction


MV5BMjQwOTM4NTE0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDkyMjM5MzE@._V1_SX214_AL_The last episode of Agent Carter premiered last night wrapping up the eight week long series. Here’s how it all came together in the end.

After discovering the gruesome scene in the theater where item 17 was set off, Agents Carter, Thompson and Souza investigate to see what might have caused the chaos. Souza accidently spays the canister from the item and starts to attach Thompson. Only the police are able to get him under control. Once the effects of the canister ware off, Thompson explains the effects to the SSR office. While discussing what Ivchenko’s motives might be Howard Stark strolls into the SSR.

Stark is placed under arrest and they immediately begin questioning him. Stark confesses to hearing about what happened in the theater and that being the reason of his return. He explains that the gas in the canister is called Midnight Oil and it was tested at Finnow. The purpose of the gas was to keep the soldiers away instead it cause them to turn on each other. Carter finds out that Ivchenko is actually Johann Fennhoff, a psychiatrist with a specialization in hypnosis. Stark becomes the bait in a plan to bring Fennhoff out in the open.

Dottie and the doctor drive to an airfield. While Dottie is dealing with the guard, Fennhoff hears about Starks return over the radio. Stark is being regarded as a hero and will be celebrated at an upcoming event. When Dottie returns Fennhoff says they have a new plan.

While getting ready for the press conference Stark asks to see his inventions. He gets upset over how the SSR has handled them. He puts on his own armored vest for protection. On the way out Stark grabs the orb with Captain America’s blood inside.

During the press conference, Thompson declares that Stark has been cleared of all changes against him and thanks him for his work. While Stark is speaking a shot is fired from the building above. Carter notices where it came from. Stark is taken from the scene in a police car driven by an officer who is being hypnotized by Fennhoff.

Carter and Thompson find that the riffle was rigged to be fired. They realize that the shots were a diversion and then find that Stark has been captured. Carter realizes that Fennhoff wants to punish Stark and that the movie theater was just a test. Carter and Thompson remember its VE-day and realize that the target must be Times Square.

Souza find the police car that Stark was taken in but the driver is dead. Starks been taken away by Dottie and Fennhoff. Jarvis suggest that they are headed to where Stark’s plane is in one of his vaults.

At the vault Stark remembers showing Dottie the vault while drunk. Fennhoff admits to being at Finnow at the time that the Midnight Oil was dropped. He survived because he was wearing a gas mask but his family died. He blames Stark for what happened. Fennhoff hypnotizes Stark and makes him believe he is going to go find Captain America when in reality he’s taking off in a plain with the Midnight Oil. As the plane takes off the SSR arrives.

The SSR plan on trying to talk Stark out of the hypnosis and Jarvis volunteers to be in the air to shoot Stark down in case he reaches land. Carter takes on Dottie and Fennhoff. Carter is able to kick Dottie out of a window. She appears to be dead when she lands on a plane. Souza and Thompson try to get Fennhoff while Carter tries to snap Stark out of the hypnosis. Fennhoff tries to hypnotize Souza into shooting Thompson but instead Souza hits Fennhoff with his gun. He was wearing ear plugs.

Jarvis has Stark in his sight in the air. Carter continues to try to talk stark out of it. Stark finally snaps out of the hypnosis and Carter tells Jarvis to stand down. Carter discovers that Dottie’s body is gone but there is a trail of blood. Fennhoff is taken into custody.

Once back at the SSR Carter gets applause from the rest of the agents. She has not made a decision on whether she wants to stay there. A senator comes into the agency to thank Agent Thompson for stopping the attack. Carter isn’t bothered that he is getting credit. Souza invites Carter out for a drink but she declines.

Carter and Angie move into one of Stark’s homes free of charge for as long as they need it. Jarvis offers his assistance to Carter if she should ever need him again. It is revealed that Stark is trying to get his inventions back from the SSR so he can destroy them. Jarvis gives the vial of Captain America’s blood to Carter. Later, Carter has a heartfelt good bye to Steve as she pours the vial into the river.

As with any project in the Marvel Universe, there’s a post-credits scene. Fennhoff muzzled and being taken to his cell. Out of the shadows of the cell steps out Arnim Zola, a scientist from Hydra. He has heard of what Fennhoff can do and asks him to work with him. He reminds him that they are in an American prison and that America is a land of opportunity.

The series wrap up tied up a lot of loose ends. The motive was finally revealed and all the pieces started falling into place. Viewers just had to stick around long enough to figure out what all of the difference pieces meant. As a viewer, I was starting to worry that the show was going to end in one giant cliffhanger since ABC did that with another miniseries that recently aired. The biggest questions now are where does Carter go now? What will Fennhoff and Zola do together? We already know that Zola helps with the infiltration of SHIELD later on; could Fennhoff’s abilities be how it all happened? The bigwigs at Marvel Studios really know how to leave us wanting more.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have already noted that Hayley Atwell is mentioned on the most recent movie posters released for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Maybe the events of Agent Carter will be tying in to the next movie. It’s already been revealed that she will be featured in a flashback for the upcoming Ant-Man.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the series, I highly recommend checking it out. There are a number of tie-ins to the rest of the Marvel Universe as well as featuring a woman in a strong role, trying to earn her place among her male peers.


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