‘Bilal’ Trailer Released – An Animated Film with an Arabic Hero



A few live action biblical films have been released recently, and there has been no end to the chagrin in reaction to these Middle Eastern figures being played by white actors and actresses. The animated films of The Prince of Egypt and Joseph: King of Dreams are fond memories of artfully done religious children’s films. We haven’t seen many popularized stories of this genre from other mythologies. Barajoun Entertainment, a Dubai-based animation studio has just released a teaser trailer for their upcoming film Bilal.

An Ethiopian boy with a beautiful voice, Bilal, dreams of becoming a warrior. When his village is raided, he and his sister bear the violence of slavery. He grows up determined to fulfill his destiny and free his brethren. The film is inspired by the ex-slave hero who became a companion to the Prophet Muhammad. This trailer looks beautiful, and the story will touch on powerful subject matter.


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