Review: D4ve #1


Even robots can experience mid-life, stuck in a rut situations. Although, it’s hard to feel too sympathetic towards this new civilization on earth since they massacred all the humans…


D4ve is  created by Ryan Ferrier and is just my kind of humor. The main character D4ve was a defense robot who had completed great acts of glory of killing off monsters. Now that  he and  the robot civilians (supposedly) have killed the living creatures in the galaxy they have have nothing left to do but just live. In a twist of irony, they have adapted the ways of their creators that they killed.

Now D4ve is married and is an office drone. He has quite a bit of disillusionment and indifference of mundane life (like Al Bundy), wisps of nostalgia for glory days (like…Al..Bundy..), with obvious disregard for authority (like…Al…ok, I see a trend here).I feel like D4ve and Al Bundy would get along very well.

The art by Valentin Ramon is amazing, it balances so well with all the details and even the bloody bits. Even with the lack of facial features, these robot citizens are drawn full of expressions and vitality. The cover alone is pretty damn gorgeous with the colors and composition.

The first issue is a great introduction to D4ve and the world of robots. It also establishes that the robots may have not killed every single living thing. Prepare folks, this is gonna be a robot verses alien series! I’m looking forward to some fun, action, and lots of crazy battles. Instead of a steaming mug of oil, I will be enjoying the series with a fizzy cup of soda.

It’s kind of weird enjoying a series about a future of robots that have killed humans yet act like humans. Then again, I am a weird person so huzzah!

D4VE started off as a digital comics and thanks to IDW publishing  has expanded to print. Seriously, thank you IDW! I never would have discovered such an enjoyable sci-fi comedy gem!


D4ve #1 is available in digital form or you can pick it up from your local comic book retailer from IDW today.




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