“MASHED POTATOES” Archer Meet’s Lana’s Parents…Again in ‘The Kanes”‘


Archer has never been the Kane’s first choice for their daughter Lana. Mr. Kane is a famous researcher in Biology and Mrs. Kane is a world-renowned Feminist. Both still believe that Lana is finishing her PhD and not spending her days as a new mom and secret agent. On a trip to introduce AJ to her grandparents, Archer insists he come along for the adventure even though Lana wishes he had not. After all, Archer has met the Kanes before but was far too drunk to remember. After a few misunderstandings (one including a hot tub), Archer and Lana find themselves on a car chase through San Francisco to return Mr. Kane’s stolen research. Back at home, Pam, Kriger, Cyril, Cheryl and Cherry Blossom make their way to Bowling League night in Kriger’s van. Unfortunately. that breaks down and Pam has to improvise a way to get them to safety in one of the roughest neighborhoods in town.

After more than one lackluster episode this season, I found myself laughing for most of ‘The Kanes’. There is so much of the uncomfortable meeting the parents humor that those who have every met the family of their significant others will feel the awkward sting and in return pass the moments with nervous laughter. Pam. Wins. The. Episode. Though her language is definitely not the most PC in this episode, she does manage to have the most memorable lines, outside of Archer’s parting shot in this episode. Lana’s parents are Berkeley all the way and remind me of some relatives I have up North. After seeing the team in their League Bowling shirts, I can’t help but hope FX offers those for sale later this year.





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